Live Review: Beats Antique at All Good 2011

Bass heavy, heart-pounding Beats Antique. You can feel them in your bones. I saw them last weekend at Camp Bisco, but the trio played in the early evening, when the sun was still relatively high in the sky. Beats Antique is meant to be seen like this – captured against the rolling, glowing hills of All Good Music Festival just as the sun sets into the ground. The trio winds hip-hop and jazz into an electronic-infused, world roots dance party, on and off stage. In between dancing and drumming, producer and world-renowned belly dancer Zoe Jakes was the perfect hype girl.

Beats Antique is a package deal – tempting, vampish performances, fat beats and heavy bass, banjos and whining string instruments. Raw and alive, their world-traveled, multi-cultural and disciplinary approach continues to blow festival crowds away, this performance included.

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