Live Review: Bear in Heaven

The Independent // San Francisco, CA // November 5

The energetic performance of Bear In Heaven delighted the audience in a nearly sold out Independent. The band is able to hold your attention by mixing songs with different intensities and volumes – the name of the game is dynamics. The band’s set was incredibly dynamic and never allowed the crowd to settle down. In short, they demand your undivided attention, taking you on a weirdly wonderful journey through their powerful and energetic music.
Bear In Heaven is not shy when it comes to mixing musical styles, even in the middle of the songs. Their music varies between grunge-like rock and pure drone minimalism. Powerful bass or abrupt changes in rhythm occasionally break the hypnotic self-repeating guitar. Just when you get comfortable with soft bass line, a pounding drum fill catches you off guard. The complexity of the music might be a little hard to take in a live performance if you haven’t heard the band before, but after listening to their recordings you definitely wait for the moments when a sudden change in the music yanks you from one atmosphere to another.
At times Jon Philpot’s boyish voice reminds you of Billy Corgan, Adam Wills switches between guitar and bass effortlessly while Joe Stickney’s drumming varies from gentle accents to raw, almost out-of-control power. Jon also conjures a vast variety of sounds from his keyboards. One moment you are in a space ship from a ’70s sci-fi flick and the next you are blanketed in a warm, velvety softness.

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