Live Review: Afinque at Manifestivus 2011

Afinque was the first band to get campers out of their tents and moving this past Saturday afternoon at Manifestivus. Previous acts had played to a relatively dead concert field. Maybe it was timing, in combination with that big, orchestral sound they have, that drew festival attendees to the main stage. Afinque plays fun, energetic salsa music led by a stunning, lively female vocalist. They’re sound is more a tribute to older styles, like Salsa Dura, which features fat, brass-heavy compositions characterized by multiple percussive elements and a less romanticized, down-and-dirty kind of style. A band of all ages and types, Afinque’s music is good for everyone –  couples, families, and hippies who just want to get down.

journalism by M E G A L O M A N D E E


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