“Futuristic funk, re-envisioning urban sounds with technical prowess”


New York, NY

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(Velour Recordings)

The fractured, sopping sounds of Jamaican dub meet an old Stax record on a crowded street corner in New York City, amidst the dawn of disco, boom bap, and Funkadelic. It may be surprising to learn that seven Berklee graduates from the ’90s have captured this moment in time and transported it into the present.

This is Lettuce. Their new album Fly delivers funk that breathes with time and echoes into the future. Heavy reverb and delays saddle alongside a Funkadelic sense of style in the record’s title and opening track. “Fly” was recorded all-analog to two-inch tape. The song vamps leisurely, dripping with the resonance of a dub side of funk.

Fly is full of unwaveringly deep pockets and bold, blaring horns. The band takes the time to let you feel more of what you might have missed in their last album Rage! – that Lettuce flair. Music snobs can dig, and young folks can dance.

For the only cover on the album, Lettuce folds nicely into a decades-old War track, “Slippin’ Into Darkness.” Crisp, clean horn lines allow Lettuce’s guitar-led rhythm section to leap out. Other standout tracks include “Ziggowatt,” “Madison Square” and “Do It Like You Do.”

Recorded by John Davis at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn

Mastered by Scott Hull and John Davis at Masterdisk, NYC


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