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“Bay Area duo brings big rock sound”


Legs is an alternative duo from Oakland, California. Comprised of Matt Bullimore and Jeffrey Harland, Legs plays rock music that sounds lo-fi enough for a house party, but big enough for an arena. Their latest self-titled EP (they have two out on Bandcamp) is a collection of six mid-tempo numbers that stomp along with plenty of multi-tracked guitars and reverb to go around.

In some ways Legs almost sounds like if The Dandy Warhols suddenly lost their recording budget and were forced to lay down tracks on DAT, or if for some reason Herman’s Hermits started listening to too much T. Rex (seriously, listen to those drums). Vocals are a bit of an anomaly on this record mainly because the leadoff track’s male vocals sound different than the vox on tracks 3 through 5, and track 2 and 6 sound like they are sung by a female vocalist. Either Matt (or maybe Jeff) is a very skilled voice actor or (more likely) there are some features on this record that need to be explained (liner notes are mysteriously absent from the CD). All in all, Legs makes worthwhile, spacey indie rock perfect for listening to while staring out the window of a studio apartment on a rainy day. Plus it’s only $5 on Bandcamp.




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