Jon Hopkins – “Immunity”

rsz_jon_hopkins_immunityJon Hopkins
Wimbledon, England
(Domino Records)

“Club-friendly, yet intimate at once”

Jon Hopkins matures more with each release, and Immunity is at once his most club-friendly and most intricate record yet.

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Hopkins molds electronic beats into delicate shapes that become more nuanced the deeper they are listened to. These tracks use time as a compositional tool, building layers and harmonies gradually as your body acclimates to the heavy pulse running through them.

The first single, “Open Eye Signal,” is a perfect example, starting with an airy glide that falls into the background as heavy bass and drums pull the focus onto themselves, setting the tone for the next eight minutes as these basic elements evolve into new sounds and patterns that will keep a listener’s head transfixed and hips swaying. Immunity is a long player, a record to put on and let wash over you like sunshine on the beach, while your mind drifts listlessly within itself. Memories and imagination flirt and dance around each other, blurring the line between what was real, what was wished for, and what could have been. This is a record for late nights driving with the windows down, for the hottest summer heat, for realizations and redemption.

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