Jesse Harris – “Borne Away”

borne-away-cover-500Jesse Harris 
Borne Away 
New York City, NY
(Secret Sun Recordings)

“Intriguing acoustic compositions, a champion songsmith” 

Borne Away is a delightful record composed by veteran troubadour Jesse Harris.

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The album consists of 14 songs of shorter length, buzzing with vitality and charm. Each track is masterfully crafted, with intriguing lyrics and magical melodies. The chord progressions used for the guitar are top notch, as the album is wonderfully produced, mixed and mastered with the help of Pat Dillett and Stephen Marcussen.

The title track (and opener) expresses joy through peaceful acoustic guitars. “Stray Dog” features touching and somber Hammond B3 organs. “Black Orchid” is a wild and mesmerizing piece, complete with haunting guitar arrangements and trance-like lyrics, a definite highlight of the album and a unique composition.

“Do You Really Love Him?” is a throwback to the best of Bob Dylan, and an amiable little number. With other compelling arrangements like those found in “The Pain Has Just Begun,” Harris candidly displays a beautiful imagination, succeeding in producing songs one by one with delight and surprise, rewarding the listener. Such a splendid experience, Borne Away is a treasure to behold, full of lightness of character, and songs that radiate with witty clarity.

Recorded and Mixed by Pat Dillett
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen

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