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Boston, MA


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“Stunning folk sounds warm the core”


Simply resonates as a colorful new EP of appealing songs written and recorded by singer/songwriter hero Jay Psaros, complete with enchanting harmonies, mellow lyrics and catchy rhythms. The result, Simply, merits great introspection that a small review cannot give. Psaros has released several records detailing themes of his journey on the road over the years. This effort displays the artist’s versatility and strong gift for the craft of upbeat folk.

Psaros hooks up with producer Tony Cimino to write this cohesive collection of beautifully orchestrated folk statements.  “I believe that this could be the time, I’m going back to me,” he delivers in the upbeat “Backwards.” The delightful “Cowboy Song” speaks of his dreams of the Great Divide, romance, travels, and time alone examining one’s life while out West. His vocals are engaging, and the harmonies of his female guest artist are romantic and alluring.

“Right Next to Me” explores Psaros’ gift of fingerpicking. The patterns and sounds of the acoustic really shine here. An intricate arrangement, the chorus-laden guitars glisten with tones that feel undeniably like Iron and Wine. A breathtaking highlight of the album, one feels truly connected to visions of summertime and cherished romances.

“The Best of Me” is a touching tune of travels and memories, searching for themes of being who you are, not giving up on dreams, being scared of failure, and keeping the faith.

Jay Psaros rises to the occasion with a stellar songwriting effort, teeming with emotion. Overall, this is an enriching peace of folk art, and a delight to listen to.

Recorded at Mojo Studios, Franconia, NH

Produced by Jay Psaros

Co-Produced by Tony Cimino



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