IO Echo/CSS Live in Boston

WHEN: 7/6/13

WHERE: The Sinclair

IO Echo didn’t need a room full of rowdy listeners to let loose—all they needed were the dedicated ears of a few. Holding their own on Nylon’s tour alongside CSS, IO were the perfect tinge of lush melancholy in an evening reserved for hapless dancing.  Frontwoman Ioanna Gika was pummeling yet pretty—her haunting ambience was ironically outlined by her graceful movements amidst waves of harmony and fuzzed out guitar. When she wasn’t treading the stage for the likes of “Shanghai Girls” and “Doorway,” she became thrillingly alive in the role of avenging angel when “When The Lillies Die” and “Ministry of Love” cued up.

CSS—a band usually known for their ridiculous amounts of energy when it comes to their live show—were way more subdued than expected. Sure, they played a string of hits and fan favorites (“Art Bitch,” “Music is My Hot Hot Sex,” “Let’s Make Love,” “Honey,” “Hits Me Like a Rock”) but the focus was entirely on Lovefoxxx’s cascading wig being gently blown by a well-positioned fan. It was nice to see that at least one band on the bill had no problem rising to the occasion.

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