VINYL OF THE MONTH: The Fireworks – “Switch Me On”

The Fireworks

Switch Me On
Brighton & London, UK
(Shelflife Records)

“Wall-o-Noisepop masterpiece…”

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Cut to snow-white vinyl, The Fireworks’ debut LP, Switch Me On, is a masterstroke of noise, feedback, reverb and 12-string jangle that’s basically the best Buzzcocks record the Buzzcocks never made. The band is an eclectic mix of UK vets (Pocketbooks, Big Pink Cake, The Popguns, etc) who’ve already released a couple of well-received 7-inche singles as well as a self-titled EP. But it’s their new full-length that should vault them to the next level.

The standout track is side one’s Runaround,” a full-on onslaught of buzzsaw guitars complemented beautifully by melodic vocals and vintage pop harmonies. The punk-meets-Motown style is absolutely smashing – the juxtaposition of abrasive guitars and harmonious vocals recalls the best of the Pixies with a hint of Belle and Sebastian cheekiness. The addition of R.E.M.-style guitar lines for the last refrain is a nice touch of ’80s college rock that doesn’t go unappreciated.

Look – the record rules, the band rules and we’re excited for the follow up already. Buy it now, it’s that simple.

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