Say Hi “Endless Wonder” Review

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Indie Rock

“Synthesized indie-pop for the lovelorn”

Using emotional sentiments and the art of storytelling to craft an album is not a new concept. However, Seattle-based singer Eric Elbogen (better known as Say Hi) has taken it to a new level with his latest release, Endless Wonder. Here Elbogen uses his deep and rich vocals to share tales of longing and loss, setting these dark and downtrodden sentiments to contrasting positive and energetic compositions.

The album’s first single, “Such A Drag” is an electronically-infused track complete with synthesized keyboard notes, metronome-like percussion and deep bass lines. Elbogen’s vocals hover above the music with a haunting urgency, a common theme throughout the album. His unwavering voice provides the melancholy backdrop to layers of fuzzy bass and experimental instrumentations on tracks like “Love Love Love” and “The Trouble With Youth.” Endless Wonder frequently finds the artist paired with big keyboard compositions, bursts of electro-pop energy and sharp, smart chord progressions.

Endless Wonder is another fine addition to Elbogen’s prolific discography. He uses contrasting styles to create a sound that is intoxicating and decisive: the perfect accompaniment to the contrasting themes of presence and absence of love.

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