MUST LISTEN: The Grownup Noise – “The Problem With Living in the Moment”

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Indie Rock

The Grownup Noise
The Problem With Living in the Moment
Boston, MA

“An album of acoustic altruism…”

With the comfort of an Americana sweater and the warmth of indie mittens, this dynamic sextet paints musical portraiture and lays an open road for acoustic charm and sincerity.

Bouncing between cheery piano-driven pop progressions, stripped-down acoustic ballads, and the ever-wrenching, melancholy waltz, the album trickles down an emotional waterfall navigating the troubles of post-twenties life and exploring lyrical themes of mortality and well-seasoned hearts.

The cheerful indie-pop epoch, “Outside,” is a six-minute journey in search of identity, place and doubt, laced with ambling piano, melodic candies and a flourishing string section.

The Problem With Living in the Moment is that it just keeps leaving you behind, left to toil about love and crossing your fingers, hoping to hear such benevolence once again.

The Problem With Living In The MomentEngineered by C. Smith & J. Willetts
Mixed by Sam Kassirer
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering
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