MUST LISTEN: The Dough Rollers – “Gone Baby Gone”

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Indie Rock

The Dough Rollers
Gone Baby Gone EP
New York, NY
(Third Man Records)

“Hard-rocking blues with southern-fried CCR licks and swaggering vocals…”

One of the finest anticipatory debut EPs released. NYC four-piece the Dough Rollers filters the blues through a classic rock vein, ala Jack White, and features stripped-down melodies, a swaggering balled-fist on the mic and simmering lyrics that give attention to affection, in a typical blues hallmark. Singer Malcolm Ford breathes fire into the mic, which is often showered in grit and windy Southern howls. The album storms from the start with the title track, featuring blistering riffs in service to CCR, like an album set in ’70s-era Scorsese film.

Every album turn leads to another surprising hook; thumping drums simmer for a tightened guitar strut and a bass wallop like timber across the face. Ford bursts the throbbing rhythm and driving percussion with woozy, arching tones – think Gary Clark, Jr. and the Black Keys. “Friend of Mine” maintains the cool within its ominous bass hook before the rhythm pries for Ford’s heady swoon, singing, “I want to love you each and every day / No matter what you say / …I want to be your stallion,” lacing into one of the most infectious blues guitar hooks to broil outside a Louisiana dive bar.

Dough-Rollers-11-11Engineered by Dikayl Rimmasch
Recorded and mixed at PIVVN Studios by Nurse Diesel 
Mastered at Modulus Studios
Produced by Nurse Diesel and Josh Homme
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