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Indie rock, fuzz punk, a mixture of new wave and garage delight… Frontman/guitarist/singer Shane Blem and drummer Saren Oliver put together this delightfully charged self-titled release with a fervent sense of independence and new wave fashion.

Kool Stuff Katie is a remarkably hip duet from Portland, Oregon who continues the tradition of garage punk and pop rock, redelivering the powers of past grand acts such as the Ramones, The White Stripes, The Strokes and OK Go.

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With pizzazz, style and grand kinetic energy, this duet brings out the best that Portland’s indie scene offers, including the compelling and free-spirited single, the opener “Hard Girl to Know” and the fascinating, melodic fuzz guitars and enticing synths of “Show Me.”

This ten-song album explores a great deal of sonic and lyrical territory, excellent for passing time reflecting on a road trip, or a grand party with friends. “Simple” buzzes with adventurous guitars and dashing, dynamic harmony vocals. “What Do You Say” is charming, haunting in its creative and dazzling virtuosity.

Kool Stuff Katie 
Kool Stuff Katie 
Portland, OR
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