VINYL OF THE MONTH: Marshmallow Coast – “Vangelis Rides Again”

Marshmallow Coast
Vangelis Rides Again
Athens, GA

“Chilled guitar-based dream pop to haunt your late nights…”

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Listening to the new Marshmallow Coast LP is kinda like having a big ol’ bong-rip blown in your face outside of some seedy motel. But only kinda…

Vangelis Rides Again is, for the most part, a hazy, dreamlike pop record. Which is a good thing. It’s also trippy and ominously dark at points. Also good things.

The brainchild of Athens musician Andy Gonzales (ex-of Montreal and Mind Brains), the latest offering from Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records is a strange brew of synth-driven nightmarish mysteries. “Hills Are Alive” is haunting as all get out, while remaining a uniquely beautiful centerpiece of the record.

The album closes with “Forever,” which moves like a lost Belle and Sebastian B-side slowed down and played through a jar of honey.

HHBTM continues to prove why they’re releasing the most interesting vinyl in the country. Vangelis Rides Again deserves your attention…if only to haunt your daydreams.

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