Manatee Commune LP Review and Stream

The new self-titled LP from Manatee Commune, out now on Bastard Jazz Recordings, is a visionary blend of synth textures and worldly sound bites. 

If you’re looking to listen to tunes with glittering backdrops, striking synth layers, and unexpected song structures, Manatee Commune is the perfect artist to introduce yourself to. Helmed by visionary musician Grant Eadie, Manatee Commune’s new self-titled LP (out now on Bastard Jazz Recordings) blends sound bites plucked from the world surrounding him, as songs have made their way from the small town of Bellingham to dance halls around the world. The album is not completely a solo effort; rather, it includes collaborators including Flint Eastwood, Marina Price, and Moorea Masa. These contributing artists interweave vocals seamlessly with the electronic backdrops, creating a sonic wonderland for listeners.

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