Lux Lisbon – “Get Some Scars” Review

“The love child of The Killers and Fleetwood Mac…and some Bruce Springsteen, too.”

Lux Lisbon’s most recent  EP, Get Some Scars, is one that should be played  time and time again within the summer months to come.  Angst-laced, precise harmonies give this four-track EP an enjoyable sound from start to finish.  The London-based band will make you want to swoon and dance all at once.

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The opener and title track, “Get Some Scars,” showcases the band’s fluid harmonies.  Stuart Rook’s guttural lead vocals, combined with the heavenly sound of Charlotte Austen, serves as a theme through the entire EP.  Electronic dance beats and layered guitar riffs make the following two tracks, “Bullingdon Club,” and “Your Heart Is a Weapon the Size of Your Fist,” the meat and bones of the new record. Imagine being stuck in an enjoyable riot.  Is that even possible?  Lux Lisbon makes it possible.

The only complaint is that the indie-band hasn’t yet crossed the pond and toured the States with this EP.  Here is a formal invitation.  Lux Lisbon, bring your beautiful riot to America.  It would be greatly appreciated.

lux lisbonLux Lisbon
Get Some Scars
London, UK

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