LISTEN NOW: Pile – “You’re Better Than This” PLUS Review

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Indie Rock

pile coverPile
You’re Better Than This
Boston, MA
(Exploding in Sound Records)

The Boston head-smasher four piece has proven to be a formidable leader in the world of noise rock. Their fifth LP, You’re Better Than This, maintains that visceral crunch. Think back to ’90s Touch & Go and Dischord releases, delivering ferocious LPs touching the voids between punk and college rock. Rhythm hammered by the indie rock trinity of bass, drums and guitar, singer Rick Maguire (possible vocal sibling to Hold Steady’s Craig Finn) bursts his roughed vocals between thrusting strums, savage percussive rhythm and ferocious sonic complexity.

Though rhythmically robust, a sincere degree of melodic artistry lingers amid the dramatic slough. Chugging guitars flicker with guitar noodling, or a song like “Fuck the Police” will startle, a solo Americana acoustic interlude, ala Billy Bragg appears and dissipates like an apparition. An exceptionally strong release, with high degrees of primal energy, complex rhythmic detail, boldly aggressive and thoughtful lyrics and startling contrasts throughout.

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