VINYL OF THE MONTH: Eureka California ‘Wigwam’ 7-Inch

by | May 3, 2017 | Indie Rock

Performer Magazine selects the new 7″ single “Wigwam” by Eureka California as its pick for VINYL OF THE MONTH, May 2017. Read our review and give a listen below.

Every time a record mailer shows up from Athens, GA, I light up. Especially when something shows up with that distinctive HHBTM stamp on the return address. So, imagine my delight when the new Eureka California 7” showed up at the office.

I dropped what I was doing, fired up the turntable and cranked the eff out of the stereo. “Wigwam” is just a pure blast of adrenaline, a garage-infused punch in the nuts that bombards its way through your speakers and impales what’s left of your brain in about the span of two minutes flat. Not bad, eh?

Speaking of not bad, how’s about a super-rad cover of “Slack Motherfucker” by Superchunk? Yep, the more I spun it, the more I actually dug the B-Side, which also contains the galloping “Only Birds No Feathers.”

Do yourself a favor. Head on over to the Eureka California Bandcamp page, plunk down 7 bucks for their new 45 and prepare to rock out harder than you have all year. Put simply, the Wigwam 7” from Eureka California is probably the most fun any self-respecting indie rock fan will have this season. Highly recommended.

Eureka California – Wigwam 7”

Athens, GA

(HHBTM Records)

Eureka California Wigwam vinyl

Eureka California Wigwam vinyl