Coke Weed – “Mary Weaver” Album Review

Coke Weed
Mary Weaver
Bar Harbor, ME
(Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records)

Coke Weed’s latest release Mary Weaver does it best when it does it simple.  Along with the group’s funky, guitar-driven psychedelic rock instrumentation, Nina D.’s sultry voice drips out of the speakers, harkening the new wave stylings of Bow Wow Wow, the funk of The Waitresses or even just the raw vocals of Cat Power.  But when the band experiments with reverb or auto-tuning (“liberal use of the Eventide H910/H949,” says the band), things get a bit muddier and Nina D.’s delivery of the lyrics sounds more petulant than pleasing.  You will wish that they would have loosened up and toyed around with faster tempos and less tricks, but overall a solid, mellow effort.

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