Cecili – “Valuables” Review

“Distills electro-pop, R&B, acoustic rock & folk in surprising ways” 

One listen to Atlanta’s Cecili and it becomes apparent that she defies the laws of musical genres. Having just unveiled her first LP, Valuables, Cecili crafts songs that prevail outside the borders of specific eras, distilling electro-pop, R&B, acoustic rock and folk in a constantly churning, surprising ways. From the electro-fuzz guitar of “Time Takes a Toll” to the psychedelic chord progressions of “The Hippie Song,” each number is its own unique musical painting.

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“Salt of the Earth” showcases Cecili’s unique vocal tone as she sings “iridescent thoughts vibrate the light of day,” conveying her message that the world still exists in spite of all the evil, because there are groups of people on the earth radiating true goodness. “Shakedown” emits shades of Janelle Monae and James Bond. It’s a love song disguised as a Quentin Tarantino-type Western with a Pam Grier-style lead, so to speak. Even the brief interlude “Nword/Inward” is powerful with its message that “words are seeds, why plant haphazardly?”

With a soulful voice similar to the great India.Arie and Erykah Badu, it’s Cecili’s soulful heart that shines on Valuables. Cecili seeks out methods for which a misplaced soul can evolve into a greater friend, sister, lover and most significantly, a greater self.

Atlanta, GA
(We’re Dough/CeciliMusic Inc.)
Produced by Cecili, Christopher Ian Brooker and Chris Irvin 
Mastered by Christopher Ian Brooker at Echidna Sound Studios

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