MUST LISTEN: Lael Neale “I’ll Be Your Man” Album Review + Video

Lael Neale 
I’ll Be Your Man 
Los Angeles, CA
(Liberal Arts)

Neale sparkles and shines here with her new full length, I’ll Be Your Man, conveying moods and sounds of the west, with country twang and folk vocals that are at times dark, dreamy and mysterious.

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The production quality of these twelve melodies is stellar. It’s beautiful to hear, accompanying Neale’s subtle, melancholy acoustic guitars, the immediate sounds of steel guitar, slide, fervent percussion, steady bass and strings.

Neale’s vocal delivery and haunting lyrics are the main attraction, a record very personal, drenched with emotional pull, resonating joys, pains, memories and reflection of loves come and gone, and travels far and wide out west.

This record is a knockout and a wonderful listening experience; it’s easy to get lost in its mystery and beauty. Catch the gorgeous honey-like vocals full of reverb, and crashing cymbals and organs in “Still Life,” track ten and the LP’s highlight.

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lael neale

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