FIGHTs – “Music For Villains” Review

“Indie-Pop rhumba party”

In solving for the slope of Music For Villains, one must use the equation: “rise over fun.” With brisk bass lines on the double drumbeats and magnetic melodies, the album’s fleet-of-foot pace is bound to make dancing shoes buoyant as quick as a wink. A buffet of upbeat musical textures, including sly synthesizers, frantic fiddles and a fetching rhythm section, this nine song LP is a brightly colored room where compassion and dance collide.

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Whether it’s in the breakneck verses of “Lowdown Dirty Orphan,” the swift sing-along choruses of “Real Life” or the punk jungle drums of “In Spades,” Music For Villains’ zippy and introspective approach is nothing but hotfoot joy and tenderness.  The album’s closer, “Out There (Part Two),” a cosmically lonely discothèque, concludes the record’s loose “day in the life” concept using call-and-response, echoed vocals and extraterrestrial keys to capture a sense of blissful isolation.

Bound by nothing but a good time, Music For Villains is nothing short of dynamic amusement and a musical merrymaker that has the power to move you.

Music For Villains
Lafayette, LA
Recorded at Dockside Studio, Maurice, LA

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