Idjut Boys

“Crisp, chill grooves”

Cellar Door

London, UK

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(Smalltown Supersound)

Normally known as DJs rocking the dance floor, Idjut Boys show their craftsmanship and restraint with Cellar Door. Opener “Rabass” is an instrumental track featuring guitar, bass, and some ethereal pads, setting the tone for a relaxed 8-track journey that asks the listener to sit back and let the songs wash over them. The album comes through in gentle waves, awash with emotion and reverb that evoke moments just beyond the reach of memory. Cellar Door features many of the friends the boys have made over the years, with several standout vocal performances by Sally Rodgers and some astonishing keyboard work courtesy of Bugge Wesseltoft. There is always a beat to make you sway, nod, or dance, but it never overwhelms the subtler parts of the music. This is an album for the morning, or a rainy afternoon. After 20 years of DJing parties around the world, Idjut Boys are letting their chiller side shine through.

Produced by Idjut Boys

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