VINYL OF THE MONTH: The Cheebacabra – “Retouched”

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Hip-Hop & Electronic

The Cheebacabra
Seattle, WA

“Infectious grooves: recut, remixed, reworked…”

This time around, The Cheebacabra has enlisted the help of some of his closest friends and artists to remix, rework, and recut some of the tracks from his last few albums. The results are simply fantastic, but we’ll get to that in a second.

The first thing you’ll notice about Retouched is the packaging – lavishly housed in a sturdy LP sleeve are two custom marbled color vinyl records (ours were green), along with a print of the cover painting and a fold-out poster. It’s these sorts of details that keep vinyl alive, and partly why we chose this album as our pick for vinyl of the month.

The other reason, obviously, is that the music is so intensively infectious that if your ass ain’t shaking, have someone check your pulse. Our favorite tracks include outtakes from the last Cheeba LP (Pass The Information) as well as remixed tracks from Funkscribe and DJ Duct.

In all, Retouched is a 26-track wonderland of synths, dope beats, hypnotic grooves and pinpoint production. Highly recommended for anyone with even a remote interest in electronic music, funk, dance, soul, synthesizers or just plain ol’ baby-making music.

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