Hayley Reardon

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Folk & Singer/Songwriter, Reviews

Where the Artists Go

Boston, MA

(Kingswood Records)


“Appealing folk, moving lyrical messages, promising young artist”


At 15, Hayley Reardon shares her first release, Where the Artists Go, displaying remarkable talents in self-expression both through lyrics and melody, while developing her haunting, soothing voice.

Signed to indie label Kingswood Records, Hayley is mostly self-taught on guitar after asking her father to show her a few chords. She began to write songs at 13 and strengthened her sound. Playing in schools throughout Michigan and New England and later a showcase at the 2011 International Folk Alliance, she is certainly the buzz to many ears in the folk scene and a bright star on the horizon, a glorious addition to the future of acoustic music.

Hayley’s gift for introspective songwriting is impeccable. Nakedly honest and real, she is beyond her years in self-realization, bringing together beautiful words of empowerment for young girls and people of all walks of life, with simple guitars and a clear knack for engaging melodies. Producer Lorne Entress has truly encouraged Reardon to shine to her full potential in the studio during the creation of the record. Songs like “Where the Artists Go” is stunning, a tune in which any artist can identify with.

“Scribbles” charmingly displays her lyrics: “I’m the farthest thing from free, I’ll never know myself as my scribbles seem to know me, my fingers ache for something new, because one thing I’m good at it’s being afraid.”

A reassuring voice, Where the Artists Go is a stellar first album for such an ambitious young artist already making an impact. She sings with conviction and is refreshingly fearless in her nature as a representative of her craft. Overall, a relaxing, peaceful listen.

Produced by Lorne Entress

Engineered by Chris Rival at Middleville Studio, North Reading, MA

Mastered by Mark Donahue at Soundmirror, Boston