Golden Bloom – “No Day Like Today”

Golden Bloom
No Day Like Today
Montclair, NJ
(The Sleepy West)

“Amiable array of dazzling indie vocals & lush sounds”

Beautifully orchestrated, Golden Bloom delivers a lovely EP, No Day Like Today, with charisma and gleeful personality. Songs like the opener “Flying Mountain” deliver radiant sunshine to one’s day, filled with upbeat vocals, chiming guitars and lots of reverb and sustain.

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The percussion is riveting and counteracts delightfully with the bass parts. This quartet from the Northeast did a wonderful job putting much creative effort and brainpower into these five songs.

“Deliver It For Me” contains rich pianos, and “Shadow of a Man” is dazzling and happy-go-lucky, complete with the eerie charm of early Strokes and Shins.

The vocals are rich and lush, delivering the lyrics clearly with flair and passion, and the production is sharp and gorgeous, as the four members create enough room for each instrument and part to breathe as a band.

“White Whale” is more somber, and sends a message of melancholy powers, a song of soul searching, searching for answers and reasons. An appealing song, the band “stares off to an endless night of no tomorrow, wondering towards the light, following the sea, the new beginning,” eager to find the truth behind the tale.

The album closes with “Lone Reporter,” another somber track about rains in a harbor town, and the headlines of a local paper, crimes, high schools and fires. It’s a brilliant number that interprets the everyday events of a small town and the challenges of local reporters.

Astonishing in sound, this is a knockout performance by a talented, insightful Northeast band.

Produced by Greg Giorgio, Dave Groener, Jr. and Golden Bloom
Recorded at Tarquin Studios

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