[VINYL REVIEW] Curse of Lono – ‘Severed’

For our VINYL OF THE MONTH, we’ve selected the new Curse of Lono album, entitled Severed (out April 7, 2017 on Submarine Cat Records).

Who would have thought the best indie roots-rock album of the year would come via Curse of Lono, a London-based collective who, with Severed, may have just released the best Shins-cum-Fleet Foxes record the world will ever hear?

Cinematic, full of lush harmonies, layered guitar jangles and singalong choruses, the new LP from Curse of Lono easily stands out as the best record of 2017, and it’s only March. It’s instantly grabbing, and so full of purpose that I’d point other bands questioning why their music’s not getting noticed to pick up a copy of Severed on vinyl, just so they can listen to what a truly talented ensemble can accomplish with the right material.

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It’s not just that the songs are engaging, endlessly listenable (and hummable), but the recording quality is so rich, warm and inviting, that you’ll want to repeat Side A over and over again, forgetting (like we did) the record still has a Side B to enjoy, one that’s equally as perfect as its A Side counterpart.

There’s not much left to say. Severed is a triumph. A record so brilliant and accomplished that in a fairer world, would outsell anything else on the radio today. It earns our highest recommendation.

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