The Whiskey Gentry – “Holly Grove” Review

by | Feb 5, 2014 | Folk & Singer/Songwriter

“Country meets punk & churns out a righteous bluegrass lovechild”

The Whiskey Gentry is back with their sophomore release, Holly Grove. The six-piece group brings back their penchant for riveting mandolin progressions, blended harmonicas and banjo segments and driving percussion, creating a fantastic punk-infused album.  Drawing on the feverish styles of bluegrass, Americana and folk, the record is captivating and bursting with energetic compositions.

“Colly Davis” and “One Night in New York” are full-throttle, no-holds-barred in terms of power and intricacy. As Lauren Staley’s vocals croon over each lyric, Price Cannon pounds endlessly on his drum kit and Sam Griffin provides the deep bellowing bass lines that bring it all together. The band’s impressive knack for combining a wealth of genres and playing them with impressive dexterity and flare is evident throughout the LP, with particularly notable moments happening on “Oh Me” and “Dixie.”

The blending of genres around folk and bluegrass has become increasingly popular over the last few years and many bands have attempted to create an alternative and rock inspired form. Not so many bands have been successful. Holly Grove is an example of true mastery of the art and understanding of how varying genres can complement each other. The album is pulsating and infectious. It never lets up and shows true talent on the part of these Atlanta natives.

album_HollyGrove-002The Whiskey Gentry
Holly Grove
Atlanta, GA
Engineered & Mixed by John Keane in Athens, GA
Mastered by Glenn Schick in Atlanta, GA
Produced by Jason Morrow and John Keane