Hayley Reardon – “Wayfindings” Review

“Brilliantly moving folk/pop with lyrical depth and soul”

In 2012, teenage singer/songwriter Hayley Reardon was named Bostonian of the year by The Boston Globe and released her stunning debut Where the Artists Go. Reardon has returned with her newest EP, Wayfindings, which highlights her folk/acoustic/pop sensibilities. At the tender age of 17, Reardon exhibits seasoned lyrical and melodic mastery with a mature approach to the music industry.

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Wayfindings expresses a more personal, quirkier side of Reardon, resulting in an intimate experience for her listeners. Her lyrics express issues that are important to her and her audience, as well as recognizing the opportunity to have an impact with her music. One of the most talked about songs off the album is “Numb and Blue,” due to its lyrical maturity. Wise beyond her years, Reardon says, “As much as it’s a song about trying to hold on to a person who is clearly slipping through your fingers, it’s even more about trying to hold on to yourself with someone who doesn’t understand you.”

wayfindings hayley reardonHayley Reardon
Boston, MA
(Kingswood Records)
Produced Lorne Entress
Engineered by Chris Rival & Lorne Entress
Mastered by Mark Donahue at Soundmirror – Boston, MA

Follow Hayley on Twitter: @hayleyreardon

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