Dawn & Hawkes ‘Yours and Mine’ Album Review

Dawn & Hawkes
Yours and Mine 
Austin, TX

Here is a delightful full-length LP written and recorded by the rising stars Dawn & Hawkes, who first turned heads and gained acclaim after their audition on The Voice. Eleven songs of introspective bliss, this singer/songwriter team genuinely helps the listener feel the spirit of life, all that is loved in life, the power of the Earth, the boldness of the human spirit. The record resonates with one’s heart, cheering them, lifting them up on gloomy days, as if each listen represents a trip to the beach or mountains.

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You’ll feel the resonating fullness of their guitars and golden vocals in tracks like “Your Eyes,” “Never Feel Alone” and “Life is a Good Song.” The production is stellar on this album, with vocal harmonies as sweet as the morning dew, and lyrics heartfelt, mingling with lush acoustic guitars. Art at its finest, the cream of the crop for singer/songwriter albums this year.

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