Cattle & Cane – “I Will Rise” Review

“Soft yet strong sounds from a UK family band”

Cattle & Cane, the pop/folk band from the UK, released their four-track EP I Will Rise this past year and it is nothing short of creative excellence.  Each song serves as an escape with its harmonious vocals and uplifting guitar riffs.  Musical talent runs deep within the Hammill family, and this EP certainly proves it.

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The EP’s first single (and title track) “ I Will Rise” is three minutes of utter bliss. Just when you think you’ve reached the climax, it builds into a higher crescendo of intricate sounds.  The highlight has to be halfway through the song as the electric guitar wails in competition with the strong harmonies between brother/sister duo, Joe and Helen Hammill.

The second track, “Red,” begins with simply a man and his guitar.  Slowly, haunting background vocals drape over those of Joe Hammill and once again, the song builds into an uplifting gathering of an array of instruments, ranging from the electric guitar to the pounding drums.

The EP closes with two live versions of songs recorded in 2012.  These tracks are in their purest form and showcase the band’s raw musical talent.  It can be a challenge to find a balance between delicacy and power, but it makes for a memorable sound if executed well.  Cattle & Cane find the balance in the finest of ways, which only makes us anticipate future music from the band.

cattle and cane i will rise

Cattle & Cane
I Will Rise
Teesside, UK
(Toasty Records)
Produced by Lance Thomas
Mixed by Tristan Ivemy

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