Drivin’ n’ Cryin’

“Southern boys pay tribute to their roots with first of four EPs”

Songs From The Laundromat

Atlanta, GA

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Songs From The Laundromat is the first of four EPs that Kevn Kinney and company have promised over a year’s time through Redeye. It has been designated as the rock EP, and rightly so. The 25-year old band replaced Mac Carter with a hot young guitarist, Sadler Vaden, former singer and guitarist for the South Carolina band Leslie, and the entire group’s sound turned up the heat. Three strong rock songs, a super short punk rant, and a beautiful Southern rocker give Songs a certain feel, place, and time that a full-length just couldn’t pull off.

Kicking off the set is “Dirty,” a steamy come-on that could truly become a future rocking blues classic. Kinney plays up the slurred vocals the way a blues master would, throwing in growls and howls along the way as Vaden shows his strong soloing skills between verses. “Ain’t Waitin’ on Tomorrow” features ’70s style Southern blues-rock guitar riffs as Kinney’s vocals sizzle and burn up the antithesis of Scarlett O’Hara’s declaration. “REM” is D’n’C’s tribute to the sounds and songs of the Athens band, friends of Kinney. “Clean Up” brings in a bit of a country feel, with Allman Brothers-inspired slide work as Kinney gives his clearest, most melodic vocal performance on the EP.

Produced by Kevn Kinney

Mastered by Chris Griffin

Mixed by John Briglevich

Sonica Recording Studios


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