Diego’s Umbrella

Proper Cowboy

San Francisco, CA

(Ninth Street Opus)

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Futuristic twist on the Spaghetti Western, featuring mariachi, gypsy, and flamenco elements


Diego’s Umbrella is a band widely hailed as “San Francisco’s Ambassadors of Gypsy Rock,” and with their fourth album, Proper Cowboy, that has proven to be every indication of this and then some. “These are the times.  These are the days.  These are the words that we’ll take away,” the quintet harmonizes in the midst of the infectious opener, “Thrash Mexican Budapest,” a speedfest that seamlessly showcases the band’s control over the mariachi, gypsy, and flamenco genres before smoothly transitioning into “Downtown,” another up-tempo number that could fit comfortably within the Neon Trees’ catalogue.

If you’re still not convinced of Diego’s Umbrella’s prowess, one listen to the power-pop gem “Richardson” ought to do it.  A Gogol Bordello and TAB the Band-flavored tune, complete with full instrumentation and a sing-a-long chorus of “A little bit of love goes a long way.  A little bit of blood leaves a long, long trail,” captures the cultural multiplicity and unbridled humor that this band succeeds in conveying so well.  Enthusiasm is front and center on the futuristic Spaghetti Western that is Proper Cowboy.  Not only is it a testament to Diego’s Umbrella’s love for the craft, it easily places them in the “best kept secret-turned next big thing” category.

Produced and Mixed by the Rondo Brothers and Diego’s Umbrella

Engineered by Calvin Turnbull and the Rondo Brothers

Mastered by Richard Todd




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