Diamond Rings

by | Nov 19, 2012 | Reviews

Free Dimensional

Toronto, ON



“In a Free Dimensional world, John O finds comfort in his own skin”


Some say Toronto’s Diamond Rings (aka John O’Regan) defies the laws of time and space. Having just released his second full-length album, Free Dimensional, John O makes music that exists outside specific eras, distilling electro-pop from days past into what seems relevant now, continually striving to reach the widest possible audience.

From the buzzing tones and astral layers of “Everything Speaks,” leading into the synth-pop feel of “All The Time” this Diamond Rings project feels like a classic John Hughes film, stirring up memories reminiscent of Pretty in Pink. The electro-fuzz number “Runaway Love” rings of bands like the Killers and Arctic Monkeys, from the quirky vocals to swooshing guitars layered with trademark ’80s-sounding keyboards.

The lead single, “I’m Just Me,” underscores John O’s goal to present the best possible version of Diamond Rings on Free Dimensional. “That song is about owning this idea of who I am,” he says. “Now I’m getting older, I’m getting bolder, comfortable in my own skin…I’m just me,” John O sings, his message as powerful as the Lady Gaga anthem “Born This Way.”

John O co-produced the 10-song LP with Damian Taylor (Björk, Austra, Robyn, Killers) adding elements sprinkled throughout that hint at genres or artists that have inspired him, but synthesized in a wholly unique, timeless manner. This is, after all, a world where everything old is new again.

Produced by Damian Taylor & John O’Regan