Catching up with Ty Segall’s Fuzz Live in Boston

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Concerts & Festivals

Fuzz with Walter and Zip Tie Handcuffs

The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA

“A night of high volume three-piece bands at the Sinclair.”

Sounding reminiscent of Black Sabbath  – even looking the part with Ty Segall wearing Ozzy Osbourne style eye liner – Fuzz brought traditional heavy metal to Harvard Square in support of their latest release, II. Known mostly for his guitar playing and prolific recording output, Segall is a man who does not like to be idle for too long. Bathed in bright strobe lights, the band powered through, sounding much larger than the three instruments on stage.

Boston’s own Zip Tie Handcuffs primed the audience with their punk-rock-meets-garage-rock riffs. Los Angeles power trio Walter delivered an at times more instrumental approach to their set.

A well sold out Monday night at the Sinclair.

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