PHOTO RECAP: The London Souls live in Atlanta

The London Souls
Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA – April 23, 2014
“Full throttle raw, soulful groove that only the real deal of The London Souls can deliver”

Taking the stage with a greeting of crashing drums and burning hot guitar, The London Souls brought their true power-trio rock and roll to Atlanta’s premiere live music venue, Smith’s Olde Bar, filling the room with an ever-present, boundless energy.


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Though the band has definitely forged their own sound, it is evident these guys are heavily influenced by the classic rock heroes of the ’60s. No doubt Jimi Hendrix comes to mind when you witness the shear emotion of vocalist/guitarist Tash Neal, but there are also hints of Lenny Kravitz, Gary Clark Jr. and a few other soulful punchy rockstar spices. Neal’s fuzzed-out guitar solos were blistering and it was hard to believe that just a short while ago he had suffered an almost fatal accident.


Something completely mesmerizing happens when The London Souls are on stage together, unleashing a pure musical magic. For just three guys, they created a barrage of noise with an amazingly thick tone. From large arenas to small quaint clubs, these guys fill every inch of sonic space. Though they improvised most of the show, they never lost one second of the tightness and groove they are quickly becoming famous for.

The London Souls…this is what rock and roll really is.

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Photos by  Jeffrey B. Gribble

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