PHOTO GALLERY: letlive and Architects live in Worcester

Architects and letlive. (with Glass Cloud and I the Mighty)
Worcester, MA
The Palladium Upstairs – M
ay 3rd, 2014

The Palladium upstairs in Worcester, MA was in for a night of metal-core and a post hardcore assault as Architects, letlive., Glass Cloud and I The Mighty played to a sold out crowd in the intimate portion of the club. Stage diving was abundant, both bands and fans were enjoying themselves.

Letlive. was the highlight of the night. Leading the post-hardcore, funk/metal outfit is possibly the nicest front men around. Jason Aalon Butler, in between thrashing around, screaming and singing,  wasn’t fazed a bit when a fan jumped on stage to tap him on the shoulder asking for a hug or to grab the mic and sing along. Coming from Brighton, England, Architects ended the night with their sincerely intense brand of metal-core.

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Letlive1 Letlive2 Letlive3 Letlive4



Architects1 Architects2


GlassCloud1 GlassCloud2

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