PHOTO GALLERY: Caspian Live in Boston

The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA
October 23, 2015

Just over a year ago, Caspian celebrated 10 years as a band with a sold out, 2 set, chronologically played show at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly.

On this night- their first show back in Massachusetts since and the last show of their US tour with chaotic post-everything band Circle Takes the Square, Caspian floored the crowd with emotional and powerful (mostly) instrumental songs running the gamut from all-out ballads to metal-tinged riff fests, just like they’ve been doing for 11 years. Only this Caspian was on a whole new level.

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caspian live 3

Dressed in all black, they presented themselves as a unified front more than ever, thrashing about the stage while a perfectly synched light show exploded behind them in blues and reds, assaulting strobe lights, and light boxes on each amp pulsating rhythmically. Each was emblazoned with feathers, matching the cover of their latest and most dark and experimental album, Dust and Disquiet, and a lone white feather hung from frontman Philip Jamieson’s microphone. Their 90-minute set produced a perfect mix of headbanging and quiet awe.

caspian live 2

Proving their resilience and evolution, the highlights of the show were the new songs, from “Darkfield,” featuring a glitch-riddled headnodding bassline evolving into chunky guitars and deep, orchestral vocals, to “Echo and Abyss,” featuring the most vocals in a Caspian song to date, as well as their deepest exploration into riff-heavy ’90s grunge. “Arcs of Command,” easily the heaviest and most relentless Caspian song in existence, was played with veteran confidence and a violent, cathartic energy erupted from the stage.

The sold out crowd left The Sinclair with a clear impression- Caspian does not plan on slowing down any time soon.

Photos by Matt Lambert

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