Gotaway Girl & Leftover Cuties Live in San Francisco

When: July 12, 2013
Where: Hotel Utah – San Francisco, CA

Gotaway Girl played an amazing set at SF’s Hotel Utah (7/12/2013). A sexy trio of ladies (with a solid trio of gentleman backing) rocked their hearts out with smooth harmonies, sexy tempos, cowboy boots, a pinch of emo, and soulful belts that were as loud as their outfits. I say that in a great way! The name Gotaway Girl is an obvious choice once you gander at the stage and think of those that got away, but these ladies are strong and they bring the music.


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Their lyrical songwriting has a way of specifically connecting to every individual in the room, whether you were in the mood or not. It certainly grabbed me in an unexpected way. I guess we are drawn to the music that moves us and this moved me. This American folk rock group carries emotional music to motivate all people, especially women, which is especially evident in their mission as boasted by front lady Jocelyn Kay Levy: “To use music to heal and inspire women to be the powerful force that they are!”

Following their act was a band called Leftover Cuties.  A classic sound, with all the antique flair: stand up bass, piano, ukulele, plus a lead singer who has a reincarnate voice of Judy Garland, with a modern twist. It is a sound that you can’t help but fall in love with.  They are able to deliver something that is very comforting, like being taken back to a home you never knew, and they hold your hand with confidence throughout the whole experience. There is an effortless sexiness in their fluid style and movement.


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