Cicada Rhythm


Atlanta, GA


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“Modern folk built on a deep foundation”


By name, modern American folk music sounds counterintuitive. Our musicians and storytellers have played this music for centuries and the sounds, stories, and voices often only define years long forgotten. With their record Demo, however, Cicada Rhythm proves that folk music is a living, breathing, pliable creation. In other words, this duo asserts that folk is best revered by building high from this deep foundation, by adding more while using less.

Using only upright bass, acoustic guitar, and the dual male/female vocals of Andrea DeMarcus and David Kirslis, Demo is a sparse, hushed EP rife with strong narratives. “Wait ’Til Mornin’” opens the EP as a waltz where DeMarcus sings of a relationship gone wrong over the low moan of her bass and Kirslis’ lightly picked guitar. “Mouse Song” is lighter, with its rollicking guitar lines, but it’s “Do Not Destroy” which shines the most. Here, DeMarcus now draws a bow on her bass and Kirslis finds a rich, full guitar line and vocal to lead. He sings of a modern world swallowing the past, leaving nothing of our history behind. Cicada Rhythm proves this narrative doesn’t reflect their music – they have created modern folk music while destroying nothing.

Produced by Cicada Rhythm

Mixed by David Kirslis

Mastered by Dave Roth at Landfill Studios


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