Cashed Fools – Self-Titled

Cashed Fools
Cashed Fools
Brooklyn, NY
(One of These Records)

“Rock without the radio-edit”

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On their self-titled debut record, Cashed Fools reawakens the idea that rock can be fleshed out and multi-dimensional. The new album is all at once a dedication to punk, metal, funk, blues, and psychedelic rock. If you like Primus and miss the ’90s, you will relish in this record’s diversity, its soul, and its dedication to awakening rock music.

Opening track “Madness” bangs to a start with quick-witted punk rock drumming, tumbling immediately into head-thrashing guitar melodies. The album’s vocal style harks back to the days of Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland, with hints of tomfoolery in the mix. The layered vocals and lost noises throughout the record are simultaneously gritty, harmonious, and quirky. One of the best tracks on the album, “Hobble Bobble,” showcases Cashed Fools’ propensity for oddball vocals, and their upbeat, fun-loving sensibility. The track harnesses the power of deep, dirty bass, popping drums, and Hendrix-infused riffing all under the guise of a relatively catchy tune.

Other notable tracks like the “New Heavy” and “FursDJam” are both strikingly reminiscent of ’90s-era alternative while capturing the diversity of today’s musical landscape.

Produced by Cashed Fools

Recorded at More Sound Studios in Syracuse, NY

Mixed by Andrew Grecian

Mixed and Mastered by Jocko

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