Brianna Lea Pruett – “Gypsy Bells” Review

Brianna Lea Pruett’s twelve-song album, Gypsy Bells, is (quite literally) hot off the burner, having been very recently released this October. The singer/songwriter hails from Gold Country, California, and it is her Cherokee/Choctaw roots that made her an excellent addition to the roster of Canyon Records. The label provides a home for Native American music and artists, with a long history of awards and nominations on their list of credentials.

Brianna Lea Pruett’s vocals are thick with Native nuances and phrasings, which are nicely accompanied by an acoustic group with guitars, bass, drums and percussion; the instrumentation supports her warm voice in a very complementary fashion, and adds depth and extension to the feel and high quality of the album. An occasional smattering and tasteful use of electric guitars, with a southwest flavor, enhances the sound and is in no way overbearing to the acoustic players.

The title track, “Gypsy Bells,” immediately brings to mind a strong Emmylou Harris influence, especially in the vocal layering. Two of the tracks were pre-released as singles for the album, “No Diamond Ring” and “It’s All Right,” which helped to whet the fans’ appetite and build anticipation for the LP. This record is a very nice listen, and a welcome addition to anyone’s collection – especially if they enjoy Americana, roots, and folk.

  • Brianna-Lea-Pruett-gypsy-bellsBrianna Lea Pruett
  • Gypsy Bells
  • Gold Country, CA
  • (Canyon Records)
  • Produced by Stephen Butler and Robert Doyle
  • Engineered by Eliot Curtis
  • Mixed and Mastered by Russ Marsden
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