Breaking Laces – “Come Get Some”

breaking-laces-come-get-someBreaking Laces
Come Get Some
Brooklyn, NY
(Tenacity Records)

“Musical variety with a comfortable and inspiring theme”

The surprisingly dynamic yet comfortably consistent album Come Get Some really made an impact on me right away with the band’s single “Better Than Me,” mainly because of the vocals.  Lead vocalist Billy Hartong has a unique tone with a developed range of belting and cleaner phrases throughout the album. The band’s sound has several outliers and changes song-to-song, but overall features an ambient, relaxed timbre because of its use of acoustic guitar in more than half the songs and the frequent use of soft synthesizers, organs, and piano in the background of the mix.

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It is difficult picking tracks from the album to suggest because they are all so dynamically contrasting from each other. However, the softer tunes “When the Lightning Came,” “Post-Graduation March” and “Taking Us Home” are very enjoyable in a calming and nostalgic way. For ambient rock tunes, the tracks “Better Than Me,” “Be A Hammer” and “Before You Drown” really hit hard while still maintaining their cleaner tones and aspects. The record on the whole is much more diverse than most modern rock LPs, but at the same time maintains a comfortable, clean vibe.

Produced and Mixed by Paul Moak

Mastered by Adam Ayan

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