Brave Baby – “Forty Bells”

Brave Baby
Forty Bells
Charleston, SC
(Hearts and Plugs)

“Haunting indie-pop made in a storage unit”

South Carolina natives Brave Baby are a quartet of indie pop musicians hell-bent on creating music and doing whatever it takes, including recording in a storage unit, to make it happen. Their debut album, Forty Bells, provides a sound that is both complex and challenging, as well as addictive and energizing.

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With a hypnotizing instrumental introduction driven by intricate keyboard notes, Forty Bells begins with “Magic and Fire.” The track grows into a poppy and enticing tune, driven by emotional vocals and a powerful chorus with intensely building guitar hooks. Introspection and personal experience fuel “Nothing in Return” and a slowing in tempo gives the title track, “Forty Bells,” a lulling and soft melody. Invigorating and inspiring percussion, coupled with a horn section, advances “Foxes and Dogs” and “Living in a Country” demonstrates the band’s ability to master multiple genres.

As far as debut albums go, Forty Bells is pretty darn impressive. The mix of styles, intricacies of composition and the blend of experiential and conventional sentiments builds an environment of musical talent and experimentation. With an album like this as their foundation, Brave Baby is sure to go places – excellent places.

Produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman and Brave Baby

Mixed at The Space

Mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering

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