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San Diego, CA and Jackson Hole, WY

Release date: June 21, 2024

Cabin Entertainment, LLC

In the past, I’ve described WYO to people as ‘cinematic pop’ and ‘modern indie pop’ but upon repeat listens to their latest LP, Gemini, that may have been a little reductive and unfair to the complexity of their overall sound. 

Gemini, the band’s third full-length release, sees frontman and lead songwriter Andy Sorge progressing past the groups’ previous two efforts, 2018’s Untamed and 2019’s Changes in ways that really make him standout amongst the current generation’s pack of songwriters.

Kicking things off is the chill-yet-driving “Ignore the Map.” Setting the mood for the entire record, the lead track evokes Joshua Tree-era U2 with its dreamy vocals, off-the-backbeat snare hits and overall atmosphere. Synths wash over the listener as the track continues to pulsate and drive forward and it’s a song that practically demands you listen thought headphones to catch all the sonic nuances.

“Truth or Dare” continues the synth-pop infused aesthetic and is perhaps the most danceable tune on the album. The track transitions into the more mellow “Rhyme or Reason,” which retains the quasi-dreamlike atmosphere found all over Gemini.

Not everything is strictly synth and drum-focused, though. The band changes things up mid-record with the almost folksy “Fire and Ice,” which incorporates acoustic guitars and a more jaunty melodic through-line, while still retaining the catchy choruses and driving percussion that the first half of the LP set in motion.

The standout track, however, is likely going to be “Red” for most people, myself included. If you’re a fan of contemporary indie songwriters and synth-pop artists like Kyle Andrews, or even going back further to mid-2000s bands like VHS or Beta, this is definitely going to appeal to your sensibilities.

Sorge’s voice sounds its most confident on “Red,” and the band’s trademark synth and drums complement his matured lyrics. I had a chance to speak with him recently about his songwriting process, and we talked about regaining his passion for music in general during and post-COVID and on this track it shows. It’s bold, it’s got heart, and it sounds like a band who knows exactly the direction they want to take.

All in all, Gemini is a triumph. There are enough up-tempo tracks to make it a dance record, enough laid-back tracks to make it an ideal rainy-day study mix, and enough aural intensity to satisfy even the most ardent audiophiles — the record sounds phenomenal, from a production standpoint.

We’ve been fans of WYO for years, and Gemini just cements our appreciation for what Sorge continues to create. Put simply, we can’t wait to put this one on repeat and discover new things with each successive listen; it’s an album that grows on you with each pass and invites you to keep it on in the car, in your room or during your daily workout. Highly recommended.

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