Air Traffic Controller

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Reviews

A swift dose of string-laden indie-pop”


Boston, MA

(Sugarpop Records)

Air Traffic Controller’s NORDO begins with a bang! The album delivers the perfect punch of caffeinated indie-pop, constructed by synths, popping drums beats, the delightfully nasal voice of singer Dave Munro, and occasionally an orchestra.

The six-piece Boston-based band is spot on with their sophomore album. The tunes run through Strokes-esque guitar lines and infectious beats that allow the electric fuzz of the music to consume a listener.

The first track, “Hurry Hurry,” is destined to become a fan favorite with its punchy message and memorable hook. “Pick Me Up” combines light cadences with haunting lyrics. “Blame” and “Magic” epically emerge out of the lighter pop with the addition of a well-arranged strings and particularly memorable cello lines that swell in and out of the verses. Each song brings something new to the table, whether it’s the unique contemplation of the film Field of Dreams in “If You Build It,” or the addition of a raw, country vibe in “Any Way.” Bass and banjo player Casey Sullivan contributes a second set of lead vocals that add dimension and life to the lyrics.

Look out for Air Traffic Controller, because they’re shooting into the spotlight, and hurrying as fast as they can.

Produced By William James (Bleu) McAuley III

Mixed By Bleu and Ducky Carlisle

Mastered By Jeff Lipton