New WYO album ‘Gemini’ is out TODAY – STREAM it now!

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Featured, New Music and Video

Cinematic indie pop band WYO is one of our absolute faves, and we’re excited to announce their brand-new album ‘Gemini‘ is out TODAY. In addition to crafting amazing audio landscapes, we’ve also worked with the band on a number of video projects which you can watch here and here.

Be on the lookout for our full review of the record as well as an in-depth interview with the band’s chief creative force, Andy Sorge, here on and in our next print issue.

In the meantime, the band has this to say about the new LP, which you can stream in its entirety at this link:

Many of the songs on GEMINI first took root during a period of instability and soul searching—COVID lockdown, and questioning life choices and pursuits.

The album weaves a tapestry of sound that blends pop and electronic sensibilities, while staying true to WYO’s cinematic essence.

GEMINI delves into the push-and-pull we feel when we struggle with making tough choices. When we know things need to change.

-Andy Sorge

We recently caught up with the Sorge to talk about the making of the album and his background with music (keep an eye out for the complete interview coming soon):

“As soon as I started writing music for film, that’s when I realized that it combined both my passions. I scored a number of documentaries and action sports while I was working for various production companies, and as I was pursuing composition for film, I was also writing my own music because the ultimate dream I [for me] ever since I was a teenager, was to to write an album.”

When asked about the new WYO album ‘Gemini’, Sorge offered this explanation:

With this, our third album, it was interesting because COVID had just hit and I had just moved back to San Diego…and I had very small quarters. It kind of brought me back to what I was doing in my early 20s…doing more electronic production with the third album. Almost every song on the record ended up changing melodies two or three times because you listen to it a month later and you’re not happy with it. So, on almost every song I pulled my hair out, you know? But that being said, I’m really proud of this album. All of the songs have [a high] caliber of writing and production. I think I’m going to be happy with it when I’m a grandpa, you know, looking back at my creative legacy. [laughs]

Speaking further on the creative process, Sorge says:

Back to songwriting with with this album…it took me four years to complete. And I definitely struggled with it…I was definitely questioning my future with music, you know? And I kind of fell out of love with writing. I had written all these cool instrumentals during COVID, but I didn’t know how I was gonna finish them; I didn’t have the clarity to finish the songs. And that was really frustrating.

So I definitely went into a dark place of, “I don’t know if I [am] going to get a third album out,” and maybe I should focus more on making money. There was a lot of self-doubt that happened. I’m not trying to sound really inspirational, but…I was able to find my passion again and fall in love with it [again] — I guess, through the process of falling out of love with it.

We’re glad Sorge was able to find his passion for songwriting and production again, because the new album ‘Gemini’ is fantastic. Give the new track “RED” a listen below, which the band premiered in a recent video:

PLUS, for those in the SoCal area, catch WYO live in LA next week headlining June Gloom Fest and playing We Found New Music.


Inspired by frontman Andy Sorge’s home state of Wyoming, and guitarist Scott McKay Gibson’s favorite refuge, WYO makes cinematic music influenced by nature’s strength and resilience. Kindled by passion and tension, the songs are an honest look at love and loss, and the soul-searching and clarity that emerges in the space between. Within the melodies and lyrics are celebratory reminders of the beauty and magic all around us, and nature’s unwavering ability to bring us back to ourselves. 

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