Jam Band Learns to Collaborate Long Distance

GENRE: Instrumental Rock Fusion
HOMETOWN: Oyster Bay, NY
ARTISTIC APPROACH: Composing dynamic jam/funk through collaboration.

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Tauk is a band that’s brilliantly balanced in every musical spectrum. They deliver music that’s both contemporary and classically appealing in every one of their jam-based songs. The guys conjure up familiar jams that easily lure listeners in with an appreciation for funky musical explorations.  “We’re all very different people with different tastes and inspirations. Our sound really comes from a blend of everyone listening and working together to create something cohesive,” says bassist Charlie Dolan. 

What’s even cooler is that this band that’s now playing big festivals like Hangout and Bonnaroo originated as a high school band. Dolan talks about Tauk’s experiences after high school and how they maintained their connection, musically and as friends: “It became tough to get new material together when were off at different colleges across the country. Eventually, we starting using music notation and production software to send our ideas to each other so we were more prepared once we finally got back, practicing together,” says Dolan.  After going the distance, Tauk has grown tremendously, fusing their creative processes and musical ideas together: this time in the same city.

“We are much more dynamic in the process. Sometimes one of us will bring in a composed song with every part written out for everyone to learn exactly, and then make changes to the song as we go. Other times, someone will just bring in a simple structure or even just a cool sound and we work off that. Then there are always those spontaneous moments while we are messing around, where new songs just happen,” says Dolan.

Progressively experimental, hinting on classical inspirations that resemble Umphrey’s McGee, the band gained inspiration from artists as disparate as Frank Zappa and Miles Davis. This band is quite unique and even more promising for a future of delightful musical greatness.

photo by Becky Sahm

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