Spotlight: Secret Colours

Colouring Outside the Lines of Pop

GENRE: Experimental Space Pop
ARTISTIC APPROACH: Creating impactful pop magic

Having released a riveting new album, Secret Colours are paving new ground with their rich, haunting musical ideas, conquering Chicago and beyond. They’ve been widely respected for the creative design and structural palate found in their songs. With a name paying tribute to the best of historic British rock, this sextet delivers a profound message in their work – clear and compelling.

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2010’s “Tomorrow Never Knows” is captivating and charming, delivered as a mixture of sounds reminiscent of the best of Beatles lore. Exploring a broad channel of textures and rhythms, the group of Tommy Evans, Dave Stach, Dylan Olson, Justin Frederick, Margaret Albright, and Nate Wiess are sonically like no other group in the Midwest.

Officially, the band began rehearsing and playing out in 2004, with their first show at the Bottom Lounge in September of 2009.

“We got the band name from a combination of song lyrics from the Beatles and Blur,” explains front man and lead vocalist Evans. “I think we arrived at Secret Colours because of the nature of our ambiguous songwriting, in which the lyrics are usually simple but metaphorically dark, or complex. We spell ‘Colours’ like the Brits as homage to the bands we grew up with and love.”

The band looks to stir quite a shiver to the souls of SXSW festival goers this month. In these upcoming shows the Colours are eager to wistfully capture a watershed of pure energy-driven rock with their current material, as well as numbers from their follow-up LP, recorded at Engine Music Studios with producer Brian Deck.

A spellbinding wall of sound, Secret Colours are thrilled to perform high energy shows, eager to present future melodic gems such as “Black Hole.”

As the band continues to grow and evolve in the studio and on tour, each member reflects on their success so far, and appreciates those fans who continue to support them during their journey. With a dose of fate and blessings, most likely their buzz in the spotlight will accelerate as new club listeners come aboard.  “We have some great dedicated fans that we always love to see at our shows. We are happy to see all the people that enjoy our tunes. It’s been amazing.”

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